Alex Okafor Misses Out on Bonus, Saints Honor it Anyway

Embed from Getty Images

Prior to the start of Sunday’s Week 17 matchup with the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints defensive end Alex Okafor had earned four sacks over the course of the season. However, Okafor had an incentive in his contract which would award him with an additional $400,000 if he could reach five sacks on the season.

Okafor was unable to reach his five-sack goal as he missed a significant portion of Sunday’s game due to an injury suffered on the first drive of the game. Despite failing to meet the mark, the Saints decided to buy out the incentive, electing to pay Okafor the $400,000.

This speaks volumes about the class of the organization as Okafor has been a key piece on the Saints’ defensive line. Due to another incentive within his contract, Okafor has the option to become a free agent after the season, however, he and the Saints have been such a great fit for one another that it seems improbable that the organization lets him leave in the offseason.

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