Texans Should Make The Call For Lamar Jackson

The Houston Texans are in a great position to turn their franchise around. They currently have 12 picks in this year’s NFL Draft and 2 of those are in the first round. If the Texans are serious about getting back to the playoffs and getting this franchise back on track, they should be picking up the phone and at least calling Baltimore to see what they are wanting.

The Texans have been without a franchise quarterback ever since the DeShaun Watson debacle. Adding a QB like Lamar Jackson will instantly give Houston the franchise QB they so desperately need.

Now, what will it cost? That is going to be a difficult conversation that both teams will have to agree on. With Houston’s two 1st round picks this year and two 1st rounders next year the Texans have the ammunition to pull this off.

The salary cap will be another issue as well. Does GM Nick Caserio want to commit to that much salary with having the 2nd overall pick to select the like of former Alabama QB Bryce Young or Ohio St. CJ Stroud? Texans currently have around $22 Million in cap space per overthecap.com

If the Texans can pull this off and somehow keep the 2nd overall pick plus grab a 25-year-old dynamic QB like Lamar Jackson then Houston will have won this offseason and it’s not even close. It will be an interesting few weeks leading up to the draft, to say the least.


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