Saints finished with Winston

Finally, the New Orleans Saints have washed their hands of Jameis Winston. Let’s be honest there was no way an eight-year veteran quarterback was going to be the Savior of the Saints after Drew Brees left. The guy wasn’t that great in Tampa and now all of a sudden he sits behind Drew Brees for a year he is going “learn” how to play QB? Come on.

This is the best move for the Saints right now. can Start Andy Dalton who is a field general and coast into the draft and start building the franchise back. You weren’t winning a Superbowl or making the playoffs with Winston anyway. The hard part for the Saints is they don’t have a 1st rounder in 2023 so they are going to need to get creative.

One option is they could try and make a deal for Mac Jones, I know this is unlikely but you gotta try. MT, Kamara, and Cam Jordan are names I would be throwing out there trying to get either draft capital or a QB if possible. Building around young players like Olave, Werner, and Shaheed (who I think could be a gem personally) are just a few of the names I would start to build around.

Going to be an interesting trade deadline and offseason for the Saints that’s for sure. But that is at least some of the things for Saints fans to look forward too.


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