Saints have success at finding undrafted free agents

 Chris Nalls / May 12, 2019

New Orleans Saints General manager Mickey Loomis has put together some solids drafts over the past couple of years. Drafting players like Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas who have played a big part in why the Saints have such a prolific offense.

Finding dynamic players in the draft is excellent, but the Saints have found success after the draft as well. Pierre Thomas, Junior Galette, and Chris Ivory are all examples of the Saints finding success when signing undrafted free agents. These are the type of players that not only provided great depth on the team but eventually became starters later on in their career.

Coaching is also a big reason for how the Saints find specific types of players that fit their scheme. ” I think more than anything you’re trying to find traits that maybe draw you to a player, and then just importantly, what is the vision you have as a coaching staff for that player,” said Coach Payton.

“When you only have seven rounds, that’s not as many as they used to have. There are a lot of good football players that go undrafted. Each year history tells us that” Payton added.

In 2019 the Saints are aiming for a Super Bowl run, and there is no doubt they should make it. Finding some hidden gem free agents that went undrafted along the way will only help the franchise now and the future.


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