Saints had a much higher grade on Erik McCoy

Chris Nalls/April 27, 2019

The New Orleans Saints were in need of a center after the retirement of Max Unger came in the offseason. The Saints signed center Nick Easton from the Minnesota Vikings who possesses versatility as a center and can play guard if need be but the Saints wanted more depth at that position.

In Fridays round two of the NFL draft, the Saints made their first selection and got their center in former Texas A&M offensive lineman Erik McCoy.

“I think specifically, we probably had a real early two on him. But yes, we were pretty confident that he wasn’t going to be available if we stood pat” said Payton. Saints made a trade with the Miami Dolphins to move up from 62 to 48 to select McCoy.

The overall trade details that allowed the Saints to select McCoy, included moving up from 62 to 48th overall and the 116th pick from Miami and the Dolphins receiving the 62nd pick (which was dealt to the Arizona Cardinals in the Josh Rosen trade), 202nd pick, and a 2020 second round pick from New Orleans.

Overall the Saints got what they wanted and still have more picks in this year’s draft which is turning out to be some talented players falling in the later rounds. Will, the next Saints pick be a wide receiver next?





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