GM Mickey Loomis on what Thursday could be like for Saints

With the NFL draft starting on Thursday, the New Orleans Saints will only have six picks in this year’s draft.

With the first selection not until pick 62 of the second round, GM Mickey Loomis could try and get creative on the first night of the draft and make a move and trade into the first round if he chooses to do so.

“I don’t know. Listen, we’ll be watching I guess, but look, we’ll be on the phones working the draft and managing the process” said Loomis.

Last year the Saints made a trade with the Green Bay Packers moving up from the 27th overall pick to number 14 overall, to grab pass rusher Marcus Davenport. The deal also included a fifth rounder in the 2018 draft and this year’s first-round pick.

Loomis is not afraid to make a move, and if the Saints fell in love with a player at the combine, that somehow has slipped in the first round, they could try and pull off a trade to grab their guy. So while the Saints will be watching the draft live. All it takes is the right deal, and the right call to make a shift in this year’s selection for the Saints.

We will find out Thursday night precisely what the Saint’s plans are. Whatever Loomis and Saints decide to do it should be an exciting three days.


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