Saints Eyeing Dolphins Special Teams Coach

It appears the New Orleans Saints will be making some changes to their special team’s staff per reports. Saints reportedly have their eyes set on a new special teams coach, and Darren Rizzi, the longtime Miami Dolphins special teams coordinator could be the next man in line. The Hillside, New Jersey native, has 10 years experience as special teams coach for the Dolphins.


Rizzi has coached four players that have made the NFL All-rookie team in his last five years of coaching, while his special teams unit has ranked in the top half of the NFL per the Dallas Morning News Rankings. In 2017 the Dolphins special teams unit were tied second in the NFL with three blocked kicks, two field goals, and one punt.

The Saints will look a lot different on special teams this upcoming season if they do in fact hire Darren Rizzi away from the Dolphins.


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Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images
Main Credit Image: Embed from Getty Images


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