Mr. New Orleans

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is unique, not just to the Saints but to the city of New Orleans as well. Brees has returned hope and passion for football back into New Orleans.

Yes, there are some great quarterbacks in the NFL. Brady, Rodgers, and Rivers but none have impacted a city like Brees has.

Since Brees signed with the Saints in 2006, many records have been broken by the former second-round pick out of Purdue.

Brees not only has the record for passing touchdowns for an active quarterback with 520 from 2001-2018, but Brees of course also is number in passing yards with 74437 and sits alone at the top.

Saints have changed since Brees has arrived by playing in eight playoff appearances, seven with the Saints and once with Brees former team the San Diego Chargers.

Winning a Super Bowl ring and breaking multiple records, Brees should be in the conversation as one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

When Brees broke the all-time passing yards record, it was a memorable moment not just for Brees but the city of New Orleans. Drew Brees and New Orleans go together like a roast beef PO-boy and an ice cold root beer.

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