Anthony Davis to The Celtics?

In what looks to be a move that is inevitable, The New Orleans Pelicans will be moving on from All-Star Anthony Davis at some point. Where Davis ends up is the millions dollar question, but if the Pelicans are willing to deal Davis, there is one deal that looks to be the best.

A potential deal with the Boston Celtics that would have the Pelicans getting Gordan Hayward, Jason Tatum, and multiple picks seem like the best package for the Franchise moving forward. Adding a young playmaker like Tatum and a solid veteran in Hayward could help the impactful blow of losing Anthony Davis.

Pelicans would be moving on from Davis’s 25,434,263 million dollar contract that would free up some extra cap space as well as trade Solomon Hill in the initial deal would also relive their cap of $12,500,00. Hayward is making $31,214,295 this season, but Tatum will only cost $6,700,800. In return, you are getting a better player overall in Tatum over Hill, but the total cap dollar will stay the same mostly.

If the deal is going to be done, the Pelicans should act now if not then wait for this situation to resolve after the season. Either way, it definitely appears that Davis will be wearing another jersey soon as a Celtic or another team.


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