MLB 2019 Division Power Rankings: AL Central

Oh baseball. You’ve been gone far too long. To pass the time we’ve had an excellent football season and a surprisingly interesting basketball season. But now it’s time to begin talking about the 2019 MLB season by ranking each division from worst to best. There will be some bad teams, and there will be some REALLY bad teams. We will get through it nonetheless. To start off, we have the worst division in baseball: The AL Central.

Although one of its teams made it to the World Series two years ago, the AL Central has been the most consistently bad division in baseball. The Indians are the only team in the Central that could possibly make the playoffs in 2019. And with the loss of Micheal Brantley to the Astros, the Indians might be in jeaprody of an awful record as well. The Indians have become the juggernaut of the division, winning it three times in a row. Although their blinding the success, the team has had a fairly mediocre time in the postseason in recent years. In 2016, the Indians made it to the World Series and held the Chicago Cubs on the ropes, leading the series 3-1. That was until they notoriously choked, and lost the World Series in 7 games. In the following two years, the Indians won their division, but they lost in the first round of the playoffs in each year.

The Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins are the only other teams in the division to post a winning record in the past three years, with neither making it past the first round of the playoffs. The Kansas City Royals and the Chicago White Sox have been simply awful in the recent years. In 2018, the two teams held two out of three of the worst records in baseball.

There is hope for one team in the division though. The White Sox have a very young team and great potential. Their starting roster should be ready to win a title in at least 2035, and that is stretching it. Every other team however, is prepared for failure…again. I predict that the Indians will win the AL Central with ease but lose in the first round of the playoffs for the third year straight. If you are a fan of any of these teams, be ready for disappointment and humiliation because you will be taunted and made fun of relentlessly by your friends, family, and co-workers. Like honestly, I feel bad for you.

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