XFL Announces the first eight cities

The XFL has been reborn once again. This time, however, Vince McMahon wants to do it right and wants the new XFL league to be competitive and not a sideshow like the first XFL was.

McMahon appointed former NFL quarterback and current NFL star quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck’s father as the commissioner and CEO of the rebranded XFL.

Not only is Luck on board but former NFL head coach Jim Caldwell and John Fox are as well. There is little doubt that this will be the same XFL that crumbled in its early inception in the early 2000s.

Earlier this week we learned of the eight cities that were selected by the XFL.

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • St. Louis
  • Seattle
  • Tampa Bay
    Washington, DC

Much more is still to come regarding team names, uniforms, and coaches & players. Fans can start reserving their season tickets at xfl.com

Maybe one day the XFL will consider New Orleans or Baton Rouge as a potential city for a franchise.


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