Where Will Bryce Harper Land?

Baseball offseason is right around the corner and the hottest free agent in the market will be Bryce Harper. Many teams in the MLB will try a sign the former Washington national star who is only 26-year-old and could demand a large contract. 

One team that you may not want to sleep on is the Houston Astros. 

The Astros currently have just four players with double digit million dollar contracts. With a payroll of just $83,650,000 for 2019 the Astros have more than enough to sign the former all star out fielder for the Nationals.

Just imagine an Astros lineup of Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Alex Bregman, George Springer, and Bryce Harper. That is a murder’s row of bats to take the field in 2019 and could help propel the Astors to another World Series ring. 


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